CMWC 2011 – Cycling expedition from Berlin to Warsaw

(Rough translation from Google)

Original article here, July 26, 2011

CMWC 2011 Warsaw

Couriers cyclists have their own championship. In this first year will be held inPoland. At the beginning on Wednesday, Cycle Messenger World Championships inWarsawattracts hundreds of couriers and lead-footed drivers on two wheels.

Some of them also visited in Gorzow. And this is thanks to Thomas “Tomas” Malevich, journalist and activist of the City Arts Association. – I was a bike courier inToronto, but every year I was coming on holiday and the first race organized courier inPolandin 1999, then met people from Warsaw and Berlin.

Of Warsaw do not even know that there is such a world courier, for the first time with that encountered in Gorzow. That we Gorzów We putWarsawon the world map when it comes to racing courier. And in these circles we are appreciated for it – says Malevich.

Tomas is no longer a courier, on wheels no longer drives the next generation (rotation in this profession is big), but the passion remains. On Sunday the team took off from Alexanderplatz dozens of cyclists, who defeated the first step on the way toWarsawfor the championship. Run out in a cafe Summer.

To Gorzów cyclists arrived with virtually the entire world, from New Zealand and Australia, from different parts of the USA, Canada, from Europe and Japan. Some rode freely, others were fighting for the palm. First at the finish line were two Americans tie. – In the race at this stage also took part three of Gorzow.

Martin Antoniak,Cubaand Jacek Markiewicz Szmytkowski. Ranked in the top ten – said Tomasz Malevich. MarkiewiczCubastudying inPoznan, and there is also working as a courier. – I came to his hometown to see how it is here.

I wanted to check up on this route, as I can manage, driving 140 km time. A little break mentally, but physically I gave advice. I drove the route in five hours. Top drove an hour shorter – he says. Being a courier suits him because this job just in time for the student.

Open and liberal professions. And on such occasions as events Courier can meet people from all over the world. – If you know the people you drive to the event, even get in a plane tomorrow, just pack your bike in a cardboard box and let’s say you’re flying toTokyo. You throw away the box and you’re off in the city. You meet people who are the best guides, no one knows the city better than courier – recalls Malevich. Kevin fromBerlinwas a courier for six years. – Nice game.

But the earnings, however, were not so satisfactory and I had to change the address – he says. Tandem is going toWarsawtogether with the second Berliner Stefan. – Two wheels and two pairs of legs, then I think we were going faster – jokes. International company in Gorzow spent Sunday afternoon and night, and on Monday at noon went on toPoznan. Arts Association hosted their town, including in the former workshop building at ul. Jagiello, temporarily borrowed by a municipality. – Im very pleased with us. Now they say they love Gorzow and feel good here.

I think that these independent initiatives is a great promotion for the city. Such a meeting on the human level, nothing official. Some say you can not do a good event without money. You can! We had dozens of visitors from around the world, some of them accepted the men in his home, some were in the hotel, and some on the floor in our place – sums up Malevich.

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