La Carrera Cycles hits the road

Dandyhorse, September 2011 

by Tammy Thorne with files from Colleen Kirley

La Carrera


It was in La Condesa, Mexico City, where I had my first official safety meeting with Nadir Olivet.

Olivet not only cares about the safety of his fellow cyclists, he also cares deeply about the craft of building and painting bicycles.

During our meeting he introduced me to a man named Futura from NYC.

Futura painted the Colnago bike in the photo above. Futura (or Futura 2000 as he is also known) is also one of the earliest pioneers of graffiti art.

This fact was hard for me to fully comprehend, so I just thought of him as the amazing polka dot bike painter to help keep my brains from exploding.

We were in La Condesa for an urban bicycle race (aka “alley cat”) called Chill ‘n Go that Olivet helped organize as a precursor to his 2010 Cycle Messenger World Championship event in Panajachel Guatemala, which would feature a specially designed figure-eight track called La Ocho. Olivet is also a fan of unusual racing tracks.

Fast forward a year-and-a-half and I’m sitting in the back of La Carrera Cycles, in its final days, discussing cyclist safety, personal well being and the future of cycling with founder, Olivet.

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