Famous ex-messengers

Many people got their start as a messenger and then moved on to something else. The flexible nature of the job allows messengers to pursue other passions while earning a living.The freedom of the job leaves room for inspiration.

The list of ex-messengers is as diverse as the list of current messengers. They include actors, artists, writers, singers, rappers, entrepreneurs, athletes and inventors. Some left the profession long before they achieved their dream. Some were already famous while still working as messengers but all were affected in some way by the profession.

The list of famous ex-messengers was originally hosted at messengers.org. It’s now hosted at the Mess Archives.

The incomplete and ever growing list of famous ex-messengers

3 thoughts on “Famous ex-messengers

  1. Chuck D -one of many sources:

    GZA talks about being a bike messenger in this video:

    MC Lyte quote:
    “I Cram To Understand U” came out independently. I was still in high school, so all my friends would hear it on the radio. And it was just a funny experience being in school, but then, you know, here I am after graduating in January, I’m a messenger. My face is sorta kinda getting out there, and I would deliver packages and the guys in the delivery room, “You that girl, MC Lyte, ain’t’ you?” And I’d be like, “Yes, sign for the package, dude. Leave me alone.” But it was fun. It was a great experience.

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