Call for Bike Messenger Stories

Are you a bike messenger or ex-bike messenger? Would you like to contribute to a zine/anthology of Bike Messenger Stories?

A new project is looking for writing by former & current couriers, with the topic at least somewhat tangential to the job. Tentative deadline for submissions is March 1.

More details from the Facebook page:

My general idea is a self published print on demand type thing. Its not designed to make money, more of something for messengers by messengers. Any one who contributes can buy one at cost and for others maybe a $1 or $2 markup. If it does make any money, it’ll be donated to one of the BMAs.

I figure the final format will depend on the number of contributors and keeping it affordable. If there’s further interest, maybe additional issues will follow and then a fancy Best Of. That’s for the future though.

If you’re interested in writing something or know someone who might be (I’d really like this to reach the offline folks as well), please get in touch and I’ll get you whatever form of contact info you prefer.

Thanks and don’t forget to spread the word!


Visit the Facebook page for Bike Messenger Stories for contact and more information.

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