Mess Media has evolved over the years. It began in 1997 as Messengerville with a focus on media, legal and environmental issues facing messengers such as municipal licensing, misclassification of employment status and the health effects of pollution.

Throughout the 1990’s messengers in cities all over the world organized themselves through bike messenger associations (BMA’s) and they joined with the International Federation of Bike Messenger Associations (IFBMA) to work toward improving the lot of working messengers.

In 2004 Messengerville became the Messenger Institute for Media Accuracy (Mess Media). We focused on web based media research and analysis committed to ensuring the accuracy of media reports concerning messengers.  Mess Media worked to promote media reports that included the messengers’ side of the story through local BMA’s rather than just a messenger company’s side.

Over the years media reports on messengers have improved and Mess Media’s focus moved toward archiving and documenting messenger stories, culture and influence.

Over the next few months we will be moving much of Mess Media to wordpress. The old site including Messengerville and almost of the archives will be available at messarchives.com.