Big City Bike Messengers

This is a great documentary about New York City bike messengers from 1988. It was shown at the 1998 Cycle Messenger World Championships in Washington,DC during the messenger film festival at the Kennedy Center.

FIFTH, PARK AND MADISON is also included here.It starts at 19:35 of the video. It includes some good coverage of the proposed New York City bike ban that targeted messengers in 1988.

It will be shown again on September 28, 2012 at the Great Hall in New York.



Feverishly Pursuing a Nondigital Chase

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dodges Traffic in ‘Premium Rush’

New York Times, August 16, 2012

It took a lot of nerve for the director David Koepp to include a chase under an elevated New York City train in “Premium Rush” about a bike messenger’s frantic race to deliver a package from one end of Manhattan to the other.


Mr. Koepp’s vision was confirmed early on when George Aguilar, a seasoned assistant director and stunt coordinator, asked one of the stunt doubles, a real-life bike messenger, Austin Horse, to “ride as fast as you can.”

“Really?” Mr. Horse replied in Mr. Aguilar’s retelling, “I’m pretty fast.”

With camera rolling, Mr. Aguilar said, he was stunned at how fast Mr. Horse accelerated from a standstill to a winding weave in deep traffic. When he showed the footage to Mr. Koepp, Mr. Aguilar said, “Now we know what this movie is about.” (Danny MacAskill, a Scottish street stunt cyclist whose jaw-dropping YouTube videos garner millions of views, is another double.)

more in the New York Times

Ready to take on the world’s best cycle couriers on Edinburgh’s streets?

The European Cycle Messenger Championship hits Edinburgh next week, and for the first time any cyclist can take part

ECMC 2012 Edinburgh Scotland

If it’s not the endless hills and ancient cobbles, it’s the tangle of tramworks tying up much of the city centre. Cycling in central Edinburgh can be a challenge for the most experienced rider. For cycle couriers it can be akin to a daily assault course.

Next week, the city’s bike messengers will pit themselves against the best in the world as Edinburgh hosts the European Cycle Messenger Championships. It’s the 17th year of the competition but the first to open its doors to any cyclist who thinks they can match the pace and panache of the couriers: trousers rolled up, radio holsters strapped on, D-lock in the back pocket.

“Over the years, couriers have been this kind of subculture, kind of us and them, so this year we’re really trying to involve everybody,” says Eva Ballin, 41, a veteran Edinburgh bike messenger and organiser of this year’s event.

“This year we want to have it open to anyone with a bicycle. We think Edinburgh is a beautiful, and challenging, city to cycle in.”


Protest Michael Bryant’s Appearance at the ROM

On August 31, 2009, former attorney general for Ontario, Michael Bryant, killed cyclist Darcy Allan Sheppard in one of the most violent and horrific cases of road rage in Toronto’s history.

The attack and killing were captured by surveilance video and witnessed by many who were willing to share their accounts. A special prosecutor, Richard Peck, with ties to the liberal party and a propensity to avoid prosecuting those in powerful positions or law enforcement worked with the defense team to document and publish Mr. Bryant’s version of the events.

Even though the prosecutor had a history of refusing to take these types of cases to trial it still came as a shock to Ontarians when he refused to prosecute his fellow BC born, boxing politican and lawyer.

Since then Mr. Bryant has announced a publishing deal to repeat his version of the events in book form and has sought out every opportunity to appear before the cameras. Not once has he taken any responsibility for a death caused by his deliberate and reckless actions.

On March 29, 2012, Michael Bryant, champion of the 1%, will once again seek the spotlight. He will be speaking at the Royal Ontario Museum, RBC Foundation Glass Room discussing policy options for the Liberal Party of Canada followed by an opportunity to mingle and have drinks at the exclusive Bedford Academy, 36 Prince Arthur Avenue.

There is a call to protest Michael Bryant’s appearance here.

Meet at the ROM at 5pm on March 29.

Famous ex-messengers

Many people got their start as a messenger and then moved on to something else. The flexible nature of the job allows messengers to pursue other passions while earning a living.The freedom of the job leaves room for inspiration.

The list of ex-messengers is as diverse as the list of current messengers. They include actors, artists, writers, singers, rappers, entrepreneurs, athletes and inventors. Some left the profession long before they achieved their dream. Some were already famous while still working as messengers but all were affected in some way by the profession.

The list of famous ex-messengers was originally hosted at It’s now hosted at the Mess Archives.

The incomplete and ever growing list of famous ex-messengers